Title: Love’s Gravity

Song: Gravity by Sara Bareilles 

Starring: Sara Ramirez, Eric Dane, Sandra Oh and Tim Daly. Requested by universe-and-u.

Synopsis: Robert (Dane) and Carmen (Ramirez) had been living together for 3 years. When Robert finally got the courage to propose to her, both of them were extremely excited and started planning their perfect wedding. But the marriage didn’t go the way they wanted. Everything was fine at first, but the following months only brought fights and conflicts between the usually happy couple. 4 months of marriage and they had already asked for the divorce papers.

Now it’s up to their best friends Jennifer (Oh) and Jackson (Daly) to bring them together. They didn’t stand each other’s company, but agreed that the effort would be worth it for Robert and Carmen’s happiness. By the end, would it really be worth it? Would they manage to make it work through all the crazy ideas to “fix” their best friends’ relationship?

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