Starring: Jessica Capshaw, Sara Ramirez, Naya Rivera and Mark Salling. Requested by xsofiatorres.

Song: Hometown Glory by Adele

Round my hometown 
Memories are fresh 
Round my hometown 
The people I’ve met 
Are the wonders of my world

Synopsis: The loss of an old friend brings back two old lovers to their hometown, where they had fallen in love 18 years ago. Livia (Ramirez) already expected to see Stella (Capshaw) during the days she would stay in town. What any of them had expected was to feel that the love they had for each other almost a lifetime ago was still there. But things get far more complicated when Livia finds out that her daughter Sofia (Rivera) is falling in love with Nicholas (Salling), Stella’s son. What should all the four of them do? Follow their hearts or do “the right thing” and keep moving on with their lives?

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